Anica Visic - experience


Anica Visic has worked as an Associate Lawyer at Glober & Associates in Toronto.  She has provided legal advice on a wide range of complex legal matters. Her experience includes drafting legal documents, in-depth legal analysis and research and representing clients at mediation and hearings.


Further, she has acquired a wide range of other work experiences at different organizations, including the Ministry of the Attorney General and the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario, and obtained extensive experience working with various people in different capacities. In addition, she has been involved in a variety of volunteer and extracurricular activities.


She was a hard worker, always up to date with her work, diligent and professional, said S. Stamm, Counsel, Ministry of the Attorney General.

She has been hardworking, diligent and professional, said S. Glober, Lawyer, Glober & Associates.

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